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Another great tribute to Buddy Holly by 'Runaway Express'

One would have thought that Runaway Express had completed their 'Buddy thing' with the 2000 release of Yeah, Buddy!, which featured 20 Holly songs. Not so...
Oh Boy! CD by Runaway Express
Buddy Holly

'The day the Music Died' - 3rd February 1959
63 years ago   :-((

Read about the tragedy here

And just as a trillion viewers were beginning to say ... this site never gets updated ... bingo! I've finally decided to start the process of a mega revamp, starting with this fantastic memorabilia digital print offer, see box below. When I started this site in 1996, it was early days for me and the mysteries of html. All these years later and I've now decided things have to change and so a major re-build is in progress. Yes, I know the guestbook is full and umpteen links no longer go to where they're supposed to go ... but it's going to change! soon!!! I'm adding a discussion forum, wow! and a pile of new info and goodies...see you soon!
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Buddy Holly's First Driver's License was issued by the TEXAS DEPT. OF PUBLIC SAFETY . The license shows the following details: LICENSE NO. 3722643, EXPIRATION DATE 8/18/54, DATE OF BIRTH 9/07/36, WEIGHT 102 , HEIGHT 5' 03", COLOR HAIR BRWN, COLOR EYES BRWN. Handwritten under these details are the words '16 or 17 years old' (believed to have been written by his mother or sister). The license lists Buddy's address in Lubbock, Texas, and is signed - Buddy Holley in blue ball-point pen.

You can now purchase a digitally restored photo montage of Buddy Holly's first ever driver's license, buy just the print or have it framed in either a natural wood, black wood or plated silver frame, see here (without a frame):

Representation of the 10x8 digital montage
(Actual size is 10x8 - 10 inches by 8 inches)

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poster Posters!: Our authentic looking copies are taken from an original poster advertising Buddy Holly and The Crickets at the Liverpool Philharmonic Hall in 1958, topping a bill that also included Gary Miller and Des O'Connor. These posters were printed using the same process as the original and were printed on the same heavy paper typical of theatrical playbills of the period. The poster is 42cm by 62cm (approx. A2 size). The lettering is in Red and Blue, again typical of playbills of that period. One of the originals of this poster was recently sold at auction in London for a four figure sum. These fantastic copies are just US$10.50 per copy, plus US$4.50 Post & Packing (worldwide)
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Buddy Hollys OMEGA wristwatch  
News: Buddy Holly's OMEGA wristwatch remains unsold after the sale at Christie's auctioneers in New York on December 5th 2000
watch back
It is estimated to be worth between 60,000 - 70,000 U.S. dollars!
This is an *amazing* piece of memorabilia. Read the extract from Christie's catalogue:
Buddy Hollys OMEGA wristwatch A 14 karat white gold Omega gentlemen's wristwatch with forty-five single cut diamonds set around the bezel that rock-n-roll icon Buddy Holly was wearing "the day the music died" on February 3, 1959 when his plane crashed near Clear Lake, Iowa. Discovered after the snows had melted and presented to the Holley family by the local sheriff, the watch is inscribed on the back Buddy Holly 12-1-58, commemorating the purchase date. Sadly, Buddy had only two months left to live. According to eldest brother Larry Holley (Buddy had dropped the "e" from the family surname in his professional life), the twenty-two year old was very happy with this expensive purchase and proudly displayed it when he came home to Lubbock, Texas for his last Christmas visit. A color photograph showing Buddy Holly wearing this very special wristwatch is included though only the band, which did not survive the crash, is visible. The dial is still in surprisingly good condition; the jewel movement needs minor adjustment and cleaning. A letter of authenticity from Larry Holley is included as well and states in part
"This was Buddy's last watch, the one he had on in the plane crash."
Buddy Holly's License sold at auction Buddy Holly's Driving License (Lot 390) was sold at auction at Bonhams in London UK
24th November 1999, for...
£3,300.00 / US$5,300.00 ...wow!!!
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winner MacroMusic chose this site as NoteWorthy! site of the day. It was displayed all day on August 27th 1999 at www.Macromusic.com
Buddy Eyes Lubbock OnLine Oh Boy! Holly's trademark glasses in city's hands - Civic Lubbock donates $80,000 item to exhibit......May 29, 1998 (need to register online, but that's free!)
Peggy Sue music score - 5.6k

We've now got our Buddy Song Book on the Web so go get your guitar! Take a look at Buddy's Black Suede Loafers in the new Buddy Holly Picture Archive, or go take a look at his first-ever Driver's License. Many thanks to all you folks out there who have sent me ideas, questions, comments etc. If you think you can contribute to this web-site, please e-mail me with your ideas. Bookmark this page and be back soon!!! Song Titles
Fender Stratocaster
The Buddy Holly story began when Ella Holley gave birth to her fourth child in the small cotton town of Lubbock in Texas, on 7th September 1936. He was christened Charles Hardin Holley, but his parents decided that 'it was too long a name for such a little boy'. They decided to call him 'Buddy', a popular nickname for the youngest in the family. The spelling of Holley to Holly, was a result of his name being mis-spelt on a recording contract in 1956 - he never changed it!  Buddy Album cover 

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